BYOT Equipment Considerations



Small Laptop/Chromebook


Tablet (full windows)


±1 lb

4-5 lbs

3-5 lbs




Attached and virtual;

stylus for writing

Screen Size

11” surface




4 Gig typically


(4G min recommended)


(4G min recommended)

Hard drive

Up to 320G

Up to 750G (recommend 320-500G min)

Up to 750G (recommend 320-500G min)


you may consider replacing batteries after year 2

3-8 hrs

varies based on use, age and controls set

3-6+ hrs

varies based on use, age and controls set

3-10 hrs

varies based on use, age and controls set





 Note:  iPad and Droid-based systems are not sufficient 

Warranty:  Most systems come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty (note that batteries are not typically covered by this warranty).  Extended warranties, which would cover 3-4 years of the machine’s life, are typically much more expensive and could ultimately save on the cost of parts over the life of your machine.  Accidental Damage warranties are also available to cover damage to the machine not caused by normal wear and tear (like something spilled on a keyboard, or a display cracked by mishandling).  For tablets and full laptops, this is typically a good idea to purchase, but not worth the cost with netbooks.

Battery Warranties:  some places will offer a warranty or battery warranty that will cover up to two years or more of a battery’s life and will allow for one replacement.  Since you will most likely want to replace this laptop’s battery after year 2, this could be a cost savings.

Cases or bags: most students tend to prefer a protective sleeve/cover that would allow for the computer to travel safely in a backpack. There are also backpacks available with padding to accommodate a laptop or netbook. Some covers are also available in instant-on fashion so that the protective cover stays attached while using the computer.  It is suggested that you let your student consider the different options and which they would most consistently use.

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